Curios API is required                                                                   1.19.2    1.20.1

Create is optional for recipes

Use embeddium instead of optifine if the texture is wrong!!!


Protection Pixel provides players with steampunk style armor, enriching their adventure journey. Each part of the armor has different functions and attributes to help players adapt to the rich environment in Minecraft and fight in the way they excel and enjoy. At the same time, players can use the massive industrial system of create to synthesize, process, and strengthen their armor. Some armors are as follow.

  • Plague Helmet:Release steam to dispel temporary blindness, darkness, weakness, and slowness effects.
  • Lancer Helmet:Excellent lancer can always grasp the weaknesses of enemies. The faster the speed, the higher the damage. It's just that simple.
  • Hunter Helmet:Being able to hunt down creatures, allowing users to use sensors to display moving creatures around while lurking; Also searching for treasures, those who bring them are always very lucky.
  • Breaker Chestplate:An aggressive monster that focuses on increasing damage and attack speed while maintaining protection.
  • Magnetic Storm Chestplate:When the user is subjected to a large amount of damage or there are too many targets around the user, the chestplate will release undifferentiated magnetic attacks on all surrounding targets; Magnetic fields can also attract targets that launch long-range attacks to users.
  • Float Shield Chestplate:Adding a protective shell around the user by forcibly stimulating the power of the heat of the sea,which  is highly experimental.


  • Each type of armor comes in two grades: brass and alloy.Alloy armor has higher numerical values than brass armor in all aspects.Due to the lack of suit effects, you can unleash your creativity by combining any armor and achieving maximum benefits.

  • In the context of steampunk, these armor pieces are all heavy machinery, so you need external assistance to use them properly. The combustion reactor generates steam by boiling water through the reaction of flarerods, which drives the entire armor to operate. If the player does not activate the reactor when equipping the armor, not only will the special functions of the armor not work, but the player will also experience slowness, mining fatigue, and weakness effects.Players need water tanks and flarerods to activate the reactor. The operating time of the reactor is displayed in minutes in the GUI.More flarerods can carry more weights of armor.

  • Not just a armor mod.Heavy armor also allows players to install armor plates for them! Players can use armor plates with different values, allowing them to flexibly adapt to various development lines without the need for armor replacement.Stand on the armor load platform and press rshift to open the menu. At the same time, the armor plate also provides a new way of repairing armor.The platform needs to input lava through pipelines to work. Each time the armor plate is disassembled and installed, 100Mb of magma is consumed separately. The platform itself can store 200Mb of lava and rotate the bottom gear when there is storage available. Players only need to wear armor, stand on the platform, and click the RShift button to use it.

  • You can check the properties and functions of the armor at any time. In addition, the armor also leaves visual space for the backpack mod, allowing you to play together without any discord.

  • More external devices provide you with more choices without occupying armor positions.

After testing, this mod has good compatibility with action optimization mods such as Epic fight,Better Combat,Parcool.

Hope you enjoy.

Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024