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Filename ProjectEX-
Uploaded by LatvianModder
Uploaded Jul 25, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 374.28 KB
Downloads 2,941,159
MD5 f6b4011e6f13bd688238447a407d56c5
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Merge pull request #66 from Toys0125/patch-1 - Kristi?ns Mic?tis
  • Merge pull request #79 from ThexXTURBOXx/master - Kristi?ns Mic?tis
  • Fixed some crashes - Nico Mexis
  • Create FUNDING.yml - Kristi?ns Mic?tis
  • Timer overflow prevention - Toys0125
  • To prevent overflow event when timer hits max int - Toys0125
  • Changed CurseMaven version to 1.2.+ to fix build issue - LatvianModder
  • Use CurseMaven instead of regular mavens - LatvianModder
  • Switched to CurseMaven plugin - LatvianModder
  • Merge pull request #58 from PizzaLovers007/master - Kristi?ns Mic?tis
  • Implement focus search keybinding - Terrence Park
  • Added JEI integration for Alchemy Table - LatvianModder
  • Updated README.md - LatvianModder
  • Added overflow safety in most places - LatvianModder
  • MK2 and 3 links no longer sync items every time they are inserted - LatvianModder
  • Converted emc/s to longs to work better with new API - LatvianModder
  • Update ProjectE to 1.4.1 - LatvianModder
  • Fixed star recipes to be shapeless - LatvianModder
  • Attempt #49256 at fixing arcane tablet item NBT - LatvianModder
  • Added JEI Information for some items - LatvianModder
  • Changed recipe to use energy link instead - LatvianModder
  • Fixed data loss issues. See https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/issues/5696 - LatvianModder
  • Implemented Alchemy Table. CraftTweaker and JEI support coming soon - LatvianModder
  • Fixed Arcane Tablet learning non-EMC-able items, picking up items without matching NBT - LatvianModder
  • Added WIP Alchemy Table - LatvianModder
  • Added config to disable stone table whitelist without changing it - LatvianModder
  • Optimized some blocks. EMC Links and Power Flowers now store the EMC inside them until player logs in, instead of accessing offline data - LatvianModder
  • Refined Link and Compressed Refined Link now learn items they receive with hoppers/from input - LatvianModder
  • Added Basic Energy EMC Link - LatvianModder
  • Fixed Arcane Tablet shift-clicking crafted item - LatvianModder
  • Added button to sync search with JEI - LatvianModder
  • Fixed shift-clicking in EMC Link voiding items without EMC values - LatvianModder
  • Added crafting table buttons in Arcane Tablet, fixed some bugs - LatvianModder
  • Removed unused class - LatvianModder
  • New link texture, fixed bug with JEI and crafting table - LatvianModder
  • Crafting inventory now gets refilled after item has been crafted - LatvianModder
  • Fixed bug where you could learn items with capability data and dupe them. Needs to be fixed in Project E too - LatvianModder
  • Fixed not being able to burn item while holding shift - LatvianModder
  • Fixed #30 - LatvianModder
  • Updated progwml6 maven url to https - LatvianModder
  • Added JEI recipe transfer support in Arcane Tablet. Still bit WIP but should work - LatvianModder
  • Added Crafting Table in Arcane Tablet - LatvianModder
  • New Stone Table and Arcane Tablet UI, added Learn and Unlearn slots. EMC Links now learn item if you add it from inventory - LatvianModder
  • Fixed more dupe bugs with links and tables - LatvianModder
  • Replaced integer config with enum - LatvianModder
  • Possibly fixed EMC sync issues - LatvianModder
  • Fixed server crash - LatvianModder
  • Added special case for items in table, if its count is <1, but >0.1, it will show decimal number - LatvianModder
  • Added config for limiting max output of links, possibly can fix AE issues - LatvianModder
  • Table can now be placed on walls - LatvianModder
  • Fixed Table NBT issues - LatvianModder
  • Possibly maybe hopefully fixed some server issues, including EMC not working when player logs off and sending too many packets. That or I completely broke everything - LatvianModder
  • Fixed Knowledge Sharing Book not shrinking when used - LatvianModder
  • Changed default EMC visibility to right corner. Only display EMC if its > 0 - LatvianModder
  • Improved Stone Table gui some more - LatvianModder
  • Added Stone Table JEI integration - LatvianModder
  • Fixed stone table not focusing when right-clicked text box - LatvianModder
  • Fixed old recipes being present - LatvianModder
  • Fixed link IO issues - LatvianModder
  • Added @mod support in table - LatvianModder
  • Renamed Transmutation Tablet MK2 to Arcane Transmutation Tablet - LatvianModder
  • More or less fixed Stone Table. Only unlearning slot is missing - LatvianModder
  • Removed recipes for new tables - LatvianModder
  • Added EMC rendering on screen, added config for blacklisting Power Flower from Watch of Flowing Time - LatvianModder
  • Added several new matters, Power Flowers, The Final Star pedestal function - LatvianModder
  • Added Refined Link and Compressed Refined Link - LatvianModder
  • Added WIP Stone Transmutation Table and Transmutation Tablet MK2 - LatvianModder
  • Added custom EMC formatter, reorganized config - LatvianModder
  • Changed verison to 1.1 - LatvianModder
  • Added item dragging in Link from JEI - LatvianModder
  • Fixed potential lag on item extraction from links by moving sync method to update - LatvianModder
  • Changed version to 1.0.1 - LatvianModder
  • Added Vacuum Collectors and Relays that go up to Tier 10 + Final one - LatvianModder
  • Git bug, added cyan matter recipes - LatvianModder
  • Added new matters, MK4-6+Final Collectors and Relays, removed infused matters - LatvianModder
  • "Fixed" crash when owner is null - LatvianModder
  • Link now fires PlayerAttemptCondenserSetEvent when you are trying to change the item - LatvianModder
  • EMC Link now works with relays and collectors - LatvianModder
  • Changed EMC Link recipe to simpler one - LatvianModder
  • Reduced amount of EMC that The Final Star gives to 10K - LatvianModder
  • Fixed shift-clicking items in Link GUI - LatvianModder
  • Clicking on output item in EMC Link now gives you it. Ctrl click on it to get single item - LatvianModder
  • Fixed sync issues with link and the output slot now shows all available items - LatvianModder

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