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Filename wardance-0.6.29.jar
Uploaded by TheRealJackiecrazy
Uploaded Jul 29, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
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MD5 cf2788ddf1d0a351e5faa1bc47fcf2ee
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- updated the spirit, might, and combo bars so they're no longer programmer art, courtesy amo.

- split the config into multiple separate files in a central folder, for the sake of organization. Make a backup of your config before updating.

- mikiri's cooldown -1 is nerfed to cooldown +1, as there's just less competition in the passive slots; it'll probably be reverted once there's more passives.

- config option to disable all aspects of dual wielding added.

- might scaling has been changed so that optimal might/second is now at attack speed 0.5 (troll weapons) instead of 1.0. This means slower weapons gain a little less per swing and vice versa, but slower weapons are still the best might generators if you don't account for combo.

- I think I fixed the issue with off hand combat.

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