A collection of Minecraft Forge mods that aim to bring vastly improved Redstone circuitry through wiring, logic gates, integrated circuits, and more. Heavily inspired by Red Power by Eloraam. This mod integrates very nicely with CB Multipart. All tiles are created to behave with others in the same block space.


A few external library mods are required for Project Red to work:


  • Dependency on Scorge was dropped at some point in Minecraft 1.16.
  • Dependency on MrTJPCore was dropped in Minecraft 1.15


Here is a list of Project Red modules, and a summary of what they add. You may pick and choose which ones you'd like to install.

  • Core: A common library shared by the other modules. By itself it doesn't add much, but is required to be installed.
  • Expansion: Machines, frames, motors, electricity generation.
  • Exploration: Worldgen, ores, tools, decorative blocks, etc.
  • Illumination: Decorative, redstone-controlled lighting
  • Integration: Redstone logic gates that can replace very large multi-block circuits.
  • Transmission: Redstone wiring that can run up walls, connect around corners, and merge together into a bunled cable.
  • Fabrication: Design and fabricate custom integrated circuits and place them as a single high-performance gate (Note: requires Integration and Transmission).


  • Github Discussions - For feature requests, questions or other development related discusstions
  • Chickenbones Mods Discord - If you'd like to chat or send a DM (I don't typically keep up with messages or comments here on CurseForge. Use one of the above for a quicker response)


You may use my mods in modpacks as you'd like. If you can provide a link to this page, that would be appreciated :)

The official CurseForge Launcher is recommended, as it makes managing dependencies much easier!