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Project Arsenal

Project Arsenal is a Gun Mod and addon to MrCrayfish's Gun Mod adding new guns and unique features that are not already available in the base mod. The mod will receive updates over time with more content, enhancements, and features to better improve the overall Gun Mod experience.

📦 Required dependencies

âś… Features

  • 30+ community made guns, ranging from battle rifles to a double-barreled pistol
  • A working Fire Mode Selector, with new fire modes such as Burst and Safety
  • HUD overlay showing ammo in magazine, ammo in inventory, and selected fire mode
  • Over 20+ different HUD overlay themes to choose from
  • Configuration options related to what information is shown on gun tooltips
  • All guns are obtainable in survival!

đź”” Stay updated!

Join Project Arsenal's dedicated community on Discord! Chat with our community members, suggest enhancements/new features, and get news about updates early.

âť— Disclaimer

The goal of this mod is not to create an ultra-realistic gun mod experience, but simply a more unique and enhanced experience within the already existing MrCrayfish's Gun Mod ecosystem. We are actively working to expand and improve the mod over time. Feel free to leave feedback and/or suggestions regarding the project.

Note: The gun sounds used are loud and may cause discomfort or damage to hearing. Gun volume can be turned down in Options > Music and Sounds > Player