Doomlike Dungeons

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Small tweaks / improvements to loot system:

When placing boss level (level 8) loot without  a true boss the loot level will be decreased for future loot in the same chest.

When a tool / weapon appears in gear at multiple levels it will be enchanted if the loot level is above the lowest it appears at.

Extra loot added to basic chest is now from the treasure (loot) table instead of the health table.

Slightly more loot in basic chests by default (change to default config)


The default chest.dfg file has been updated with a few more loot items:

Added pickaxe and axe to gear table

Loot tabel (treasure) now has more that are uncraftable or require late game materials such as horse armor, elytra, and shulker boxes

Gear table now has more torches, since you use a lot of thses in the dungeon.

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