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This mod will add dungeons meant to resemble levels from retro "2 1/2d" first-person shooters and was inspired by earlier dungeons mods and by Oblige (especially version 3.57), a random level generator for Doom. The goal is to create interesting, tactically challenging, and highly varied multi-room dungeons that are fun to explore and rewarding to conquer.

This really is almost certainly the final version of this mod -- all attempts to update past 1.12.2 have failed. Its been a long, interesting, and rewarding journey, often fun, sometimes frustrating, and leaving brings a lot of melancholy nostalgia over the whole process. But all things have a beginning and an end, and its time I say "Good Bye" to my player-killing baby and move on.

This mod works great with Dungeon Mobs; try it to add monsters from the original role playing game.


I've "retired" from modding, and will not be making any new mods or updates; please don't ask for them.