Have you ever been frightened by a Creeper creeping up behind you? The mod may solve the problem.

A "Priority Target" enchantment is added. Being applied on chestplates, the enchantment reminds you

if (level: 1) or how many (level >= 2) monsters are targeting you

in a certain area nearby on the HUD.

Since 1.18.2-2.0.0, the enchantment was no longer needed and removed.


  • The refresh interval of counting the nearby mobs targeting the player;
  • The width & height of the area, in which the mobs targeting the player will be counted;
  • Whether the "Priority Target" is a treasure enchantment;


The mod's idea comes from the classic naval game World of Warships.

Fabric versions of the mod need Forge Config API Port.

You DEFINITELY CAN add the mod to your modpack.