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A horrible accident has left the world - the entire world - a frozen wasteland. Unending snowstorms rage across the land, from forests, to plains, to jungles, to deserts. The air is thick with fog and wind howls across the landscape. Will you be able to survive in this primordial winter?



This mod will turn your entire world into a frozen wasteland. It adds several new blocks, and has many client side aesthetic tweaks to immerse yourself in the winter wonderland you now inhabit.


  • A thick white fog obscures your view when you are outside.
  • The weather is always snowy and thundering, and there's more snow including extra particle effects and sounds.
  • Most surface blocks are replaced with snowy variants. These can be mined to obtain their vanilla counterparts.
  • Polar bears, strays and the occasional snow golem now spawn in all biomes.
  • Ice spikes, icebergs, and packed ice pools appear sporadically in all biomes, snow and ice placement has been improved and now stacks into layers more intuitively and can creep into caves and under overhangs such as trees during world generation.
  • Works automatically with any other mods which add new biomes, forcefully converting them to winter versions.


For information on configuration or other customization options please refer to the Readme. If you have a feature request or suggestion, feel free to drop it on the issue tracker. For questions or support, join the discord.


Example of Winter Landscape



Thanks to EERussianGuy for making all the wood logs and leaf textures. Thanks to various people in the TerraFirmaCraft discord for their feedback and ideas.


Hope you enjoy, and stay warm!

~ AlcatrazEscapee