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Primal Lib


Primal Lib is not meant to be used on its own. Primal Lib is a library mod that all my other Minecraft mods will require in order to run. It has some basic items and functionality that provide a foundation for other mods to build on.

Currently, Primal Lib is used by Basket Case 2.0 and Darkest Before Dawn.

Primal Lib includes:

  • Basic items that are used in multiple mods. For example, twine is a basic material that's used in crafting recipes in both Basket Case and Darkest Before Dawn. Other items include plant fibers, bark, bark strips, branches, twigs, and wooden shafts.
  • Basic behaviors related to its items. For example, you can configure vines and sugar cane to count as cordage. Also, if you break a vine block that’s connected to other vines below it, all the vines below will automatically be broken as well.
  • Common utility code that all my mods rely on. For example, code that registers blocks and textures, functions that spawn entities and particles, and code that adds drops when breaking a block.

For more details, please visit the Primal Lib home page.