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Presents is a mod I created for the 2018 MMD Winter Jam, which add customizable presents to the game. Empty presents can be created using a chest and some paper, these can be wrapped by combining them with up to 8 items. To open a present, it simply has be placed in the world and mined with any tool. Some specific items can give special effects to the present when mined.


Presents also have a small chance to generate under spruce trees in cold biomes. These contain randomly generated loot, ranging from rotten flesh to various enchanted items.




Simply combine an empty present with up to 8 items (or none at all) in a crafting grid to obtain a wrapped present. The following items will add special effects to the present (more to come):

  • Firework Star (max. 1): a firework explosion will spawn when the present is opened
  • TNT (max. 1): the present will spawn a 'primed present' entity when mined
  • Most dispensable items: the item will be dispensed as if the present itself is a dispenser pointing upwards. Complete list:
    • Any projectile (arrows, bottles o'enchanting, snowballs, even Jack o'Launcher Ammo,...)
    • Splash/Lingering potions
    • Firework rockets
    • Spawn eggs

Presents can be colored similarly to leather armor by combining them with dye in the crafting grid. To color the box, craft dyes with the empty present. To color the ribbon, craft dyes with the filled present.