Presence Footsteps [Fabric]

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Filename PresenceFootsteps-1.6.0.jar
Uploaded by S0llace
Uploaded Jun 14, 2022
Game Version 1.19   +4
Size 6.88 MB
Downloads 16,990
MD5 771bec08099f38cc6edde53952b02b62
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  • Updated to 1.19
  • Added a Ru_Ru translation #132
  • Added a Cs_Cz translation #140
  • Fixed crashes due to entities with misconfigured stances #135
    • From now on any entity derived from a known golem type (shulker, ermour stands, boats, minecarts) will not be able to produce footsteps. Only living things with feet, in essence, are supposed to produce footstep.
  • Added speed attenuation #122
  • Footstep volume can now change depending on how fast you're moving.
  • The amount by which it changes is configurable using a slider in the settings screen.
  • Improved the general layout of the settings screen and clarified what some options do
  • Added a separate volume slider to control your own volume separately from other players - The master volume will still affect both, though
  • Fixed duplicate sounds having a chance to play when both feet resolve to the same material #142