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Showcase of Blueprints

Blueprints are a way to instantly place a variety of structures into your world. They can be crafted and are found in the creative menu.

Using the Blueprints item, you can simply pick the place where you want to place the structure. A preview of the structure will appear and you can then confirm the placement, which will build the structure at the specified location. 

The mod currently contains 39 buildings, which include houses, towers, castles, custom trees and even functional structures such as automatic farms and TNT cannons. All crafting recipes can be found in the recipe book.

Additionally, you have access to the huge library of 2500+ builds that the Buildpaste mod offers with the 'Custom Blueprint' item. You can select a structure you like on buildpaste.net and then generate it using the item for the cost of 1-5 xp levels, depending on the size of the structure.

Currently, only singleplayer is supported

Showcase of how to craft, preview and place a blueprint

39 Custom blueprints & more!

Planned Features:

  • More structures
  • Custom Blueprints with a custom crafting recipe you can easily create and use in your world. E.g. a Minecraft house you built as a custom blueprint
  • Fabric version