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Twitch: https://twitch.tv/neurodr0me

Twitter: https://twitter.com/neurodr0me

GitHub: https://github.com/astradamus


Adds three tools--the excavator, the hammer, and the greataxe. These are 3x3 versions of the shovel, pickaxe, and axe, respectively. The greataxe, when used on a tree, will fell the entire tree at once.


 The Tools - Now with Netherite!


Each tool comes in iron, gold, and diamond variants (and now, in 1.16, Netherite! See image below for the smithing table recipe). Their recipes match their vanilla equivalents, but use blocks instead of ingots for both crafting and repair. Recipes will be added to your vanilla recipe book as you acquire the appropriate ingots.


Recipe Demo

Upgrade Demo 

Repairing the Netherite tools also uses Netherite Blocks, not Ingots!


The greataxe boasts a more accurate tree detection method than I've seen in previous mods, and should never leave floating treetops.


Inspired by the many mods that implement these tools in previous versions of MC, my goal was to make 1.14 a little less vanilla so mod-addicts like myself can finally explore the new features added since 1.12!


NOTE: I have playtested extensively and feel that the durability on the tools is well-balanced for how powerful they are. However, if you feel that they break too quickly for your taste, the config file allows you to tweak them to break more slowly.