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Makes five new, powerful materials from existing vanilla materials. No new WorldGen, no new ores are added.  This mod can be added to existing worlds and you are ready to go!

Powder Power allows you to create new alloys from existing Minecraft materials like Redstone, Lapis, Iron, Gold, Diamond, etc. There are new alloys to make that have stats beyond diamond. It lets you get the most out of what is already in Minecraft.
Powder Power provides more levels of materials that are created from existing vanilla materials - The Alchemist Hammer works with Redstone, Lapis, Iron, Gold, and Obsidian to craft powders. The Motor & Pestle is used on Ender Pearls, Diamond, Emerald, and Prismarine to make powder.


- (5) new powerful materials (Lapium, Medium, Gemium, Trilium, and Quadrilium) created from vanilla materials
- (5) sets of standard vanilla style tools + Bow
- (5) sets of special tools (paxel, hammer, excavator, and tree axe)
- (28) special Tokens that provide the player with a beneficial perk - see table below for details

Material Levels:

- Redium and Lapium are better than diamond with greater durability

- Gemium is better than Redium/Lapium with greater durability

- Trilium is better the Gemium with greater durability

- Quadrilium is better than Gemium and pretty OP

 Armor Perks:

- Lapium Armor perks - water breathing and poison protection
- Redium Armor perks - fire resistance and wither protection
- Gemium Armor perks - water breathing, fire resistance, poison and wither protection, slow regeneration and no fall damage
- Trillium & Quadrilium Armor perks - water breathing, fire resistance, poison, wither and levitation protection, moderate regeneration, no fall damage, and Dolphin's Grace

How to Play:
- Make an Alchemist Hammer and a Mortar & Pestle
- Find vanilla ores, craft with Alchemist Hammer or Mortar & Pestle to obtain powders
- Make good stuff, profit


Material Progression:

Redium: Redstone, Obsidian, Iron, and Blaze Powders

Lapium: Lapis, Obsidian, Gold, and Nether Quartz

Gemium: Obsidian, Diamond, Emerald, and Prismarine in the center

Trilium: Lapium, Redium, Gemium, and Ender in the center

Quadrilium: Trilium, Ghast Tear Powder, and Netherite Scraps



Armor & Weapon Stats:

 ALCHEMIST WAND: Transforms Overworld resources to Nether and End resources by crafting in a table.

Dirt -> Soul Soil
Cobble -> Netherrack -> Magma Block -> Basalt -> Blackstone
Sand and Red Sand -> Soul Sand
Redstone Block -> Glowstone -> Shroomlight
Lapis Block -> Quartz Block
Diamond Block -> (1) Ghast Tear
Vine -> Weeping Vines -> Twisted Vines
Obsidian -> Crying Obsidian
Red and Brown Mushroom Block -> Nether Wart Block
Diorite -> End Stone
Granite -> Purpur Block
Gold Block -> (1) End Rod
Ender Chest -> Black Shulker Box
Emerald Block -> Sea Lantern