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Filename Powah-1.15.2-1.1.9.jar
Uploaded by owmii
Uploaded Mar 19, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 963.71 KB
Downloads 11,255
MD5 d36752d6a5be03f269c00b7e1d51f6d2
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


- Added support for energizing recipes from json like vanilla, examples: http://bit.ly/3baHdLr.
- Fixed buttons not functioning in multiplayer world.
- Fixed empty tags.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.11

- Fixed Energy data not appearing in TOP/Waila.
- Fixed redstone stop magmator from receiving fluids.
- Replaced some recipe tags with actual item stacks until empty tags got fixed.
- Added new command to generate CraftTweaker example zs script instead of generating on startup.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.10
Important NOTE!!: There is two bugs still can't fix them: (empty forge tags) and (some times button not functioning in multiPlayer world)
hoping i can fix theme in the next release, also i'm experiencing some health issues and that's why im slowly working on this mod and 3 other
projects two of theme are not released yet.

- Added hovering hud to energizing rods to see the energy stored.
- Separated redstone on/off for generators from the energy transfer.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.9

- Fixed Uraninite ores not generating in some biomes/dimensions, Closes #49.
- Fixed cables power delivery sorting.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.8

- Fixed Binding card causing a client crash, Closes #47.
- Fixed dry ice not dropping because of missing loot table.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.7

- Fixed a dummy dump server crash
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.6

- Fixed Gui configuration screen offset.
- Fixed weird block lighting.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.5

- Fixed Manual 2 items pages has the same text Closes #40.

- Fixed some slots not rendering in to the GUI.
- Added missing GUI's screen titles.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.4

- Fixed Magmator fluid wrong rendering.
- Added Blazing Crystal block as a heat source for the Thermo gen with heat of 2800c.
- Changed Nitro crystal recipe output from 24 to 16.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.3

- Re-Implemented crafttweaker for energizing recipes.
- Added recipe for the manual (forgot to add it in last version).
- Fixed some blocks not keeping their energy when broken.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.2

- Re-added the manual with new entries for batteries and lens of ender and updated some screenshots.
- Fixed cables has wrong config.
- Fixed reactor tooltip.

- Fixed reactor placing overlay not rendering correctly.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.1.

- Added Two new tiers "Starter" and "Nitro".
- Added Batteries charge items when is in player inventory.
- Now Energy Hopper, Energy discharger and Player transmitter all has the known tiers.
- Added Dimensional binding card a replacement of Dimensional player transmitter.
- Reworked most of models/textures.
- Rebalanced energy outputs and some crafting recipes.
- the Book (manual) still WIP!!
- 1.15.2 initial release.
- Updated Lollipop to 1.0.0.
- Require forge 31.1.12 or higher.
NOTE!: this is the first initial release, it may contains bug or crash your world.


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