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Have you ever wanted to cross a small lava lake and end up using a whole bottle of Fire Resistance potion and felt wasteful for it?

Well, not anymore! This mod adds Potion Capsules that lets you 'split' the duration of a potion into small parts and stores them inside the capsules!


Features Intro


You can store a little part of a potion into a Potion Capsule

You can combine multiple Potion Capsules into one

Put your capsules into a Capsule Pendant to let it auto-use the capsules for you with different triggers

Now with Speical Capsules and new Potion Effects!

Starting The Mod


To start playing with Potion Capsule, you will need a few items:

  • Gelatin Extractor
  • Gelatin Powder
  • Gelatin Former
  • Nether Wart Dust

Gelatin Extractor & Gelatin Powder

  Extracts Gelatin Powder from bones and leathers



Gelatin Former

  Combine Gelatin Powder with another catalyst to craft items


Nether Wart Dust

  •   Obtained by breaking mature nether wart crops
  •   Crafted using 1 Nether Wart (disabled by default)

Now, put 2 Gelatin Powder and 1 Nether Wart Dust in a Gelatin Former, and you will get your first Potion Capsules !!!


Potion Capsules


Potion Capsule 

    Stores a little part of duration from some potion, you can either consume one to gain the effect or put them into a Capsule Pendant to let it auto-use the capsules for you with different triggers!

    Simply craft them with a potion to transfer the effect:

The duration not used will be left in the potion
Capsules will show their effects stored on its display name


    You can combine multiple capsules into one:

There is a config option to disable the combination


    Can be cleared by putting them inside a crafting grid:


If you want to transfer an Instant Potion Effect, you will need an Instant Potion Capsule instead!

Instant Potion Capsule 


Basically they are the same as normal Potion Capsule, except:

    They are not combinable

    They use up the entire instant effect when transferring (1 to 1). To increase the output, use the Instant Catalyst while crafting:

Instant Catalyst 

Each Instant Catalyst inside the crafting grid will increase the output by 1


Special Potion Capsules

  Only works in Capsule Pendant, there are currently the following types:

  •     Bite The Dust: Revive you with full health when the player is about to die
  •     The Lost Christmas:  Teleport the player to y=1 when he is falling out of the world
  •     Sunlight Yellow Overdrive: Place a little light source when it is too dark

Capsule Pendant 

    Stores capsules with different auto-triggers to use them!

    Currently, there are 8 different triggers and 3 special slots for Special Capsules:

  • when the player about to attack
  • when the player is being damaged
  • when the player is on fire
  • when the player is in fluid
  • when the player is sprinting
  • when the player is falling
  • when the player is in dark
  • when the player press down the keybinding (default X)


    The tiny button beside each slot can toggle the usage message of that slot


    Capsules will not get triggered if the pendant is open

    Only one of them will function if the player has multiple Capsule Pendants in his inventory

Potions & Effects



    Floating Lilypad 

        Make livings float above fluid surface


        Hurt those attacking you

    Nekomimi Paradise 

        Cats will approach you and those Creepers will run away!


    Potion of Floating Lilypad


    Potion of Fiery Lilypad (Fire Resistance + Floating Lilypad)


    Potion of the Thorns


    Potion of Spiky-Obi (Resistance + Thorn)


    Potion of Nekomimi Paradise


Other Items & Blocks


Creative Catalyst 

    Creative Only, craft with any capsule to make the capsule creative

A Tiny Piece of Cactus 

    Brewing Material, has a chance to spawn on a growing cactus


Fiery Lilypad 

    Brewing Material, has a chance to spawn on lava lakes in the nether


Spiky Obsidian 

    A blast-resistant cactus, or obsidian that hurt entities

    Brewing Material


Cat Fur 

    Brewing Material, dropped by Cats and Ocelots naturally (Not killing them, keep them in safe)

Wither Dust 

    Dropped by killing Wither Skeletons, can be crafted by/into Wither Skeleton Skulls

Apple Jelly 

    Always edible




Effect - NightVisionNF 

    Since the vanilla Night Vision starts to 'flicker' when its duration is less than a certain amount of ticks, plus that the capsule only gives you a short period of effect, you might encounter some situation that capsules with Night Vision flicker on your screen all the time.

    So by default, Night Vision will be replaced by NightVisionNF when it is transferred into capsules. (Can be disabled in config)

Compatibility & Customization




        If you have JEI installed, it will show some information about how some recipes work in-game.


        The Capsule Pendant can be equipped in the necklace Curios slot if you have Curios installed.

    Potions & Effects from other mods

        Perfectly supported.

    Potion Items from other mods

        Potion Capsule supports potion items from other mods if their potion effects are serialized into the itemstack using the vanilla approach.

        If you want Potion Capsule to recognize the potion item from other mods, simply add a new recipe in your datapack with the type of potioncapsule:capsule_attachment and properly set the entries in it, for more details, look at how the mod does it.


    Gelatin Powders

        Both Gelatin Extractor and Gelatin Former support custom recipes, for details, look at here(extractor) and here(former).

Modpacks & License


This mod is protected under the MIT license, as described in the project details and the GitHub source page.

If you want to put this mod into your modpack, just do it, why not?



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