Pollution of the Realms

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Filename AdPother-1.12.2-
Uploaded by EnderLanky
Uploaded Oct 5, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 ad939d7565f79c1fcf6bb9f0cb30cc93
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Java 8


  • fixed: a server crash with NoClassDefFoundError (thanks to nephatrine)

  • implemented: new mechanics for cleaning filter blocks with a GUI (thanks to StormbringerGT)
  • implemented: a new render for filter blocks that shows their contents
  • added: ability to receive useful materials as a byproduct of filter block working (thanks to MarkOfTheBeast1427 and pdelta41)
  • added: new config group "filterMaterial" for each pollutant to change filter material, capacity and byproduct
  • added: a value of "concentrationAltitude" (256) at which pollution does not accumulate in a chunk (thanks floralquafloral)
  • added: dust emissions for Thermal Expansion Sawmill (thanks to nephatrine)
  • changed: crafting recipe for the filter block (no longer requires wool) (delete old Blocks/filter.cfg)
  • moved: "capacity" parameter from filter config to pollutant -> filterMaterial
  • fixed: a rare crash when emissions appear behind a living entity, getting into an unloaded area (thanks to Keyedrin)
  • requires: ForgeEndertech or above

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