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Welcome to PokeHUD a client side mod (works in servers), with this mod you can found specific pokemon in your area with the overlay compass, also shows the distance between the player and the special pokemon (note: the displayed pokemons will only be seen depending on the render distance)
The Pokemons will show the hud is:
 - Founded (in the search tab)
 - Owned (and the others pokemon player this will not show all, only the specific ones written below)
 - Shiny
 - Legendary
 - Bosses
 - Pokemon with Other Palettes of color
 - NPC
 - PokéStop
 - Pokéballs



Q: Can i include PokeHUD in my mod pack?
A: Sure, just put my mod in the related projects

Q: What if the server have custom forms / palettes?
A: It will also works as well and you can find custom forms and custom palettes

Q: How can i open the search pokemon and filter?
A: Just press F4, you can changed in the minecraft keyboard config options