PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

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Filename pneumaticcraft-repressurized-1.16.4-2.9.3-120.jar
Uploaded by desht_08
Uploaded Jan 17, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
Size 6.62 MB
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Note: PNC:R 2.9.3 has been successfully tested with Forge 36.0.0 on Minecraft 1.16.5. Older recent versions will probably also work, but haven't been tested.

2.9.3-120 (17 Jan 2020)


  • Added Reinforced and Smart Chest Upgrade Kit items
    • - Use these convenience items to upgrade a wooden chest to a Reinforced or Smart Chest, or a Reinforced Chest to Smart Chest
    • - Operates in-place, no need to remove and re-add any items in the chest
  • When extended tooltips are active (use F3+H), the Programmer GUI now shows the progwidget ID for programming widgets in their tooltips
    • - This is useful if you plan to do any Drone programming with Computercraft and the Drone Interface
    • - The progwidget ID corresponds directly to the action used in the Drone Interface's Lua setAction() method (the "pneumaticcraft:" prefix can be omitted)
  • Added two new Lua methods to the Drone Interface
    • - setCanSteal() - used by the "pickup_item" action, controls if the Drone may steal items off e.g. Immersive Engineering conveyors
    • - setRightClickType() - used by the "block_right_click" action, controls if the Drone should be using an item or activating a block
  • Jet Boots and Elytra now play more nicely together
    • - When player is Elytra-flying, switched-on Jet Boots won't fire, or use any air, unless player is actively thrusting (holding down Space bar)
    • - Allows players to glide with Elytra and fire Jet Boots for occasional thrust or altitude boost, a nice air saver
    • - Jet Boots HUD now shows an informational Elytra icon if player is Elytra-flying
  • Item Filter progwidget GUI improvements
    • - Add radio boxes to choose filtering by item (the default) or by variable
    • - Cleaner GUI layout: only show GUI controls relevant to the current mode (item or variable)


  • Fixed PneumaticCraft blocks not remembering custom names assigned in an Anvil when the block is placed down & broken again
  • Fixed Pressure Tube shape not always updating properly after a tube module is added or removed
  • Fixed Redstone Module clock mode tick lengths > 127 not working
  • Fixed Computer Control (Drone Interface) not working with several programming widgets (Block Right Click, Pickup Items, Place, Void Item, Void Liquid)
    • - Also cleaned up the Patchouli manual entry for the Drone Interface quite a bit
  • Fixed Block Tracker causing client crash when tracking vanilla mob spawners with an Enderman (or any angerable creature) spawn egg loaded
  • Hopefully fix worldgen-related crash caused by other worldgen intersecting PneumaticCraft villager houses
    • - Couldn't reproduce myself, but some extra validation has been added
  • Fixed logic error in Drone Dig widget item filtering causing blacklisted items to be ignored
  • Fixed Programmer GUI inventory slots getting messed up after closing an item or inventory search window
    • - e.g. right click an Item Filter widget then press "Search Items...", then go back to the main Programmer GUI
  • Fixed Item Filter progwidget GUI not properly sync'ing variable names when GUI closed

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