PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

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Filename pneumaticcraft-repressurized-1.16.4-2.9.0-111.jar
Uploaded by desht_08
Uploaded Jan 4, 2021
Game Version 1.16.4
Size 6.58 MB
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MD5 b71db363b17745cf2dddc90c54211f86
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2.9.0-111 (4 Jan 2021)


  • It is now possible to debug Programmable Controller drone programs in the same way that regular Drones can be debugged
    • - Pneumatic Helmet with Entity Tracker and Dispenser Upgrades: target the Programmable Controller minidrone and press the debug hotkey (default: Y)


  • Quality of Life: when attaching a tube module to a Pressure Tube, you can now sneak to attach to the opposite side of the tube
  • Updated some Patchouli manual information, primarily to clarify drone auto-charging functionality
  • Logistics Drones can now take Inventory Upgrades (this was actually already documented in the manual)
  • Liquid Import progwidget can now have a definable block sort order (like dig/place widgets)
    • - Previously always just used "closest" sort order; "top down" often makes more sense for importing fluids from the world
  • Drone search area highlighting (when Entity Tracker enabled and Dispenser Upgrade inserted) now only displays when player is actually debugging the drone
    • - Particles are now also colour-coded: brown for dig/place, blue for fluid import, etc.
    • - Also greatly reduced the network packet size for sending these particles: less server->client chatter
  • The Programmable Controller's "minidrone" is now able to path into lava
    • - It was always able to path through lava blocks on the way to somewhere else, but can now path into them too
    • - This is particularly useful for writing programs to suck up lava lakes from the world which were previously problematic to work with
    • - Note that actual Drones still won't path into lava, only the Programmable Controller


  • Fixed client crash on player login when ModernUI is installed
  • Fixed Pneumatic Armor not reporting feature on/off status properly to server when armor newly equipped
    • - Logging in with armor already equipped worked fine, which is why it took some time to spot this bug...
  • Reset step assist height when Pneumatic Boots are removed
  • Fixed certain blocks being wrongly ignored by drone's Dig progwidgets when "Requires Tool" is checked
    • Blocks which are harvestable with a bare hand (e.g. gravel, glowstone...) were being skipped when the drone was carrying a tool which wasn't faster than a bare hand for those blocks
  • Fixed the various PneumaticCraft Reinforced Stone blocks being harvestable without a pickaxe
  • Fixed hacking drones to call them to you not functioning
  • Fixed drones not highlighting their block search area when Entity Tracker enabled and Dispenser Upgrade inserted
  • Fixed bug which could sometimes cause the Chestplate Charging Upgrade to void air
  • Fixed client crash when removing an Elevator Base with Elevator Frames above
  • Fixed Programmable Controller fluid tank ignoring inventory upgrades on world reload
    • - Each inventory upgrade now increases the tank's storage by 16000mB over the base 16000mB
  • Fixed block shape inconsistency between basic and Advanced Liquid Compressors
    • - Was possible to put redstone on top of a basic Liquid Compressor but not the Advanced version
  • When pastebin-importing old drone programs from Minecraft 1.12.2 and earlier, ignore item meta being enabled on item filter widgets for items that don't have durability/metadata anymore

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