11,790,402 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

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81 materials and 2 tools added

This mod (PlusTiC) adds new Tinkers tools and integration of Tinkers Construct with some other mods, and adds some materials of its own as well…

including Alumite, which was a Tinkers material in 1.7.10 that is added back in this mod.

This mod does not require LandCore/Land Craft; however, support for it will be added in a future release has been added starting in! This also adds a toggle GUI that allows one to enable/disable certain traits/modifiers (Global Traveler, Mana, Psicological, etc.). Press "I" to open it while a tool with such a modifier is in the player's hand.

New tools/weapons:

  • Katana - a fast combo-weapon
  • Laser Gun - an accurate ranged weapon that requires both durability and energy for attacking. It also has a mode to smelt blocks, which can be toggled by pressing Alt-Comma. If you miss, then it will not fire!

It is heavily recommended that modpack authors update to at least, as a key issue concerning Global Traveler is fixed in that version.

No feature backports will be done for 1.11.2 and earlier.






Current mods supported:

Modifiers added:

  • Jetpack Pancake Hippos - adds Simply Jetpacks to armor piece

Smeltery fuels:

  • Pyrotheum

Melting recipes added:

  • Survivalist rock ores
  • Redstone/Glowstone/Ender melting (Thermal Foundation); includes the fluid ores and clathrates

Materials added (note: arrow shafts and fletchings exist for some materials; bold indicates Constructs Armory support for the material):

  • Vanilla TiC - TNT, Alumite, EmeraldNickel, InvarIridium
  • Biomes o Plenty/Project Red - Sapphire, Ruby, Peridot
  • Biomes o Plenty - Malachite, Amber, Topaz, Tanzanite
  • BoP / AoA - Amethyst
  • Advanced Rocketry - Titanium
  • Botania - Manasteel, Terrasteel, Elementium, Livingwood
  • Psi - Psimetal, Psigem
  • Mekanism - Osmium, Refined Obsidian, Refined Glowstone
  • ArmorPlus - Wither Bone, Guardian Scale
  • Thermal Foundation/Substratum - Signalum, Enderium, Lumium, Platinum
  • Draconic Evolution - Wyvern (Core), Awakened (Core), Chaotic (Core)
  • Actually Additions - Black Quartz, Void, Enori, Restonia, Palis, Diamatine, Emeradic
  • Natura - Darkwood, Fusewood, Ghostwood, Flamestring, Bloodwood
  • Avaritia - Infinity
  • LandCore - Thorium, Tungsten, Landium
  • Land Craft - Kelline, Garfax, Morganine, Racheline, Friscion
  • MineFactory Reloaded/Industrial Foregoing - (Pink) Slime
  • Galacticraft - Desh
  • ProjectE - Dark Matter, Red Matter
  • Gems+ - Phoenixite
  • Applied Energistics 2 - Certus Quartz, Fluix Crystal
  • Environmental Tech 2 - Mica, Litherite, Erodium, Kyronite, Pladium, Ionite, Aethium
  • Thaumcraft - Thaumium
  • Astral Sorcery - Starmetal
  • AoA - Limonite, Rosite, [Ascended] Sapphire (different material from BoP/ProjectRed sapphire), Emberstone, Crystallite, Mystite, Skeletal, Ghostly Stone
  • AoA/Erebus - Jade
  • (Mirion alloy will be added if Botania is present)
  • (Osgloglas alloy will be added if Mekanism is present)
  • (Osmiridium alloy will be added if Mekanism and a mod with Iridium are both present)

Traits added:

  • Anticorrosion - chance every tick to cure poison
  • Apocalypse - adds increasing levels of Wither to foe
  • Autorepair - repair automatically w/ sharpening kits when broken; gains +1 modifier if already unbreakable
  • Barrett - increased crit chance as health goes down
  • Blind Bandit - sometimes spawns "Blind Bandit" who uses armor-piercing attacks on hostile mobs 
  • Bloody Mary - bonus damage to foe that has already lost more health; chance to drop Coagulated Blood on each hit
  • Botanical - modifier slots increase greatly per level
  • Brown Magic - set portal (default: press "N"); press "O" to teleport
  • Chad Thunder**** - thunder rains down on struck foes
  • Cam Dai Bay - on successful block, transfer negative status effects to attacker
  • Dark Traveler - randomly damages nearby mobs
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea - spawn the Supreme Leader, a creeper-like entity to defend the summoner
  • Devil's Strength - bonus damage outside of Overworld
  • Divine Shield - gives player Fire Resistance and reduces damage taken by player (the latter at cost of durability)
  • Dunans Transport - riding something gives more armor
  • Elemental - possible positive effects on player on each hit; destroys entire column of gravity-affected blocks
  • Explosive - causes explosion on impact
  • Fruit Salad - item doubles as 5-slot chest for fruits
  • Ghastly - attacking a player with this trait slows down the attacker
  • Global Traveler - dropped items can transport to inventory previously shift-right-clicked
  • Good Friday Agreement - attack iron golems without fear of reprisal
  • Get Lucky - can spare player from death at a cost after a portal has been set by pressing "N" (see ingame description for details)
  • Hail Hydra - bombs set off around enemies
  • Haoran's Cult - when withered, reduces HP of hostile mobs within a certain range by 30% every second
  • He Who Must Not Be Named - increases damage for each mob nearby of the same type as the target
  • Hearts - higher attacker health => more damage
  • Heavy Metal - inflicts Slowness on foe; increases knockback
  • Ignoble - build ignobility by killing those that damage you, and release it by sneak-attacking
  • I'm a Superstar - effects dependent on player's attunement
  • Invariant - stop terrain damage from explosions
  • Jaded - hinder opponent healing on attack
  • Light Metal - increases mining, attack speed
  • Mana - can use mana from player's inventory instead of durability
  • Mirabile Visu - surrounding stone may turn into gold/diamond ore randomly (at cost of durability)
  • Morgan le Fay - bonus magic damage
  • Music of the Spheres - tool + portable jukebox in one
  • Mystical Fire - sets target on fire and accumulates magic damage for a time
  • Naphtha - arrows (and bolts) burn the target on impact
  • Nature's Blessing - chance to drop bread or heal player on each hit
  • Nature's Power - chance to give player speed or strength; may set foe on fire
  • Nature's Wrath - chance to heal player or set foe on fire
  • Nick of Time - can spare player from death at a cost after a portal has been set by pressing "N" (shift for armor; do not shift for tools) (see ingame description for details)
  • Portly - shift-right-click to capture an entity; press "0" to release
  • Psicological - recharge with Psi
  • Rude Awakening - attacks pierce armor (mobs only)
  • Slashing - crits deal 20% more damage
  • Spades - lower attacker health => more damage
  • Starfishy - can spare player from death at a cost after a portal has been set by pressing "N" (see ingame description for details)
  • Soul Charge - add Soul Power by breaking blocks
  • Soul Power - use Soul Power to increase damage
  • Stop Being Selfish - more players nearby = more damage
  • Terrafirma - heals player each tick
  • Thaumic - add 1 extra modifier to tool with this trait (2 if the tool has 3 parts with this trait, or is made entirely out of parts with this trait)
  • Thundering - causes thunder on impact
  • Tom and Jerry - explosions caused by player slow down entities
  • Trash - random items generated
  • Vindictive - bonus damage to players, and heal from such attacks

Miscellaneous features: