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Player Events

See on github for updated info and better formatting



Note: this mod is server side only and won't work on clients

A Fabric mod that executes and sends configurable commands and messages respectively on certain events triggered by a player, such as Dying, Joining a server, Killing another player, etc.


Supports color codes too!

Use /pe reload or /player_events reload to reload the mod config.

You can use /pe test <event> or /player_events test <event> to test the actions on a specific event, or use /pe test * to test every event.


Current supported events

  • death - Executed when a player dies.
  • join - Executed when a player joins.
  • kill_entity - Executed when a player kills an entity.
    •      Extra tokens:
    •      ${killedEntity} - the killed entity.
  • kill_player - Executed when a player kills another player.
    •     Extra tokens:
    •     ${killedPlayer} - the killed player.
  • leave - Executed when a player leaves.