Planar Artifice

43,501 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

A TC6 addon focused around dimensional manipulation (WIP! WIP!)

This mod currently, as of 0.9.2, adds:

  • A new Thaumonomicon tab (on the right)
  • Alkimium, an upgrade to Alchemical Brass, with a Goggles of Revealing and Essentia Smeltery upgrades (Basic, Thaumium and Void), along with a slurry pump and vent to go with them.
  • A new food called the Thaumaturge's Fruit. When eaten it applies the buffs of an enchanted golden apple + saturation
  • A teleportation system called Mirromirous Waystones
  • A flux removal system!
  • Two new Aspects: Spatio and Tempus!
  • The Belt of Suspension, which lets you hang in the air!
  • Focus Colourizers, which allows you to colour you foci!

It's in an unfinished and rough state ATM, so be cautious!


Credit to Azanor (for making Thaumcraft 6), MinerGuyLex (for the textures for Alkimium stuff and Belt of Suspension), and dycoldwind here for the Chinese translation!


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