đź“– About

Placement Tweaks makes more blocks go where you want them to go, and less where you don't, adding Bedrock parity and various configurable tweaks and improvements

đź“– Features

Perfect Placement

Perfect Placement smooths out block placement, placing a block whenever your cursor updates, instead of the default of once every four ticks.

It also tweaks vanilla's hold-to-place functionality, instead only placing more blocks when you move alongside the blocks:

Stretch Building

Certain blocks, including rails and ladders, now follow the placement behavior of Scaffolding, and can be placed in a chain from the base block:


đź“– Configuration

This mod can be highly configured to both the client's and the server's preference, and can be ran client side.

Features can be toggled and customized in /configs/placement_tweaks-common.toml

Blocks can also be added to Stretch Building using the #placement_tweaks:stretch_buildable tag.