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With Pixelmon 9.0.9 bringing the return of /wiki this mod will not be getting any more updates.
Mostly works for versions 9.0.0 - 9.0.8 with the exception of the breeding changes made in 9.0.7!

PixelWiki is an sidemod of Pixelmon that adds the /wiki command to the early versions of Pixelmon 9.0.0 for 1.16.5.
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With Pixelmon 9.0.0 the first version of Pixelmon for 1.16.5 was released. The Pixelmon Extras mod is currently being merged with the Pixelmon mod but the /wiki command has still not been added. So I started work on a port of the command to this version.


Only tested on Pixelmon 9.0.1. Untested on Pixelmon 9.0.0. You should be on 9.0.1 over 9.0.0 anyway.



From my testing. It seems this mod is required on the server but it can be used by the client if it is on the server even if the client does not have the mod.



The full list of subcommands: moves, levelupmoves, eggmoves, tmtrhmmoves, tutormoves, genderratio, evyield (evdrop), evolution (evo), abilities, hiddenability (ha), spawn, basestats (stats), egggroup, catchrate (catch), rarity, biome, time, weather, grass, caverock, headbutt, rocksmash, sweetscent, fishing, moonphase, yheight (ylevel and y), lightlevel (light), preevolution (preevo) and nationalpokedex (nationaldex, pokedex and dex).


You can use the command with or without a form name if you want:

/wiki Zoroark biome


/wiki Zoroark form:hisuian biome


This sidemod should work with any datapacks made for Pixelmon.


I am in no way affiliated with the Pixelmon Team. All credits go to the Pixelmon Team for the Pixelmon Mod and for any code I used to make this mod from the original /wiki command from Pixelmon Extras or from the Pixelmon Mod API.




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