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Pirate Guns


This mod is inspired by Sea of Thieves and has custom animations.

This mod offers you the possibility of shooting to the mobs.

You will be able to snipe with the Pirate Rifle, or if you want to be more aggressive you have the Trabuco,

the Pirate Pistol and the last one, doing quick scopes with the Pirate Rifle.

The guns it has are:

Pirate Pistol

Pirate Rifle


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For reload:

First, you need to load the bullet, for that, if your gun is the pirate pistol or pirate rifle, then you will need for the pirate pistol(1 gunpowder, 1 musket bullet) and for the pirate rifle(2 gunpowder, 1 musket bullet), the last one is the trabuco, you need(3 gunpowder, 8 trabuco bullets), to trigger the reload animation just press the r key


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