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Pigsteel [Forge]



Pigsteel is a nether variant to iron, it can be used alongside iron to craft all things in the game that require iron.


This is the official forge port!

You can find the original mod here: Pigsteel [Fabric]


Mod features:

-Pigsteel ore that generates in the nether

-Stone pigsteel ore that will not generate naturally

-Block of pigsteel (turns into a block of iron when placed in the overworld) [Can be prevented through waxing]

-Cut pigsteel

-All iron in nether loot tables is replaced with its pigsteel variant

-Pigsteel can work alongside iron in vanilla recipes

-Cut pigsteel blocks transform(zombify) in the overworld  [Can be prevented through waxing]

-Slab and stair variants of all cut pigsteel blocks


Mod compatibility:

Pigsteel is under the forge tags. All recipes of mods that uses these tags will also work with pigsteel.


Planned features: