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Piglin Expansion introduces new content related to the Piglins. It adds three new cool structures ,that the piglins built to expand their empire in the nether, with some interesting loot. 


As I said Piglin Expansion adds 3 new structures, The Piglin Fortress, The Piglin Ship and the Piglin Abandoned Refuge found in the overworld

The Piglin Fortress was used to keep important items secure, and also the Piglins built them to mark the zone as "conquered".

The Piglin Ship was used to transport items, but it had an imperfect and weird system to navigate with it, so many of them crashed.

The Piglin Abandoned Refuges are little refuges that some Piglins made in the Overworld to explore it, sadly we all know what happens to Piglin in the Overworld...


  • Piglin Divinity Gem, this new item can be found on the nether structures.
  • Piglin Divinity Essence, this item can be crafted by uncrafting a Piglin Divinity Gem.
  • Divinity Potion, made with Divinity Essence this new potion will give you some curious effects.
  • Piglin Divinity Staff, this new weapon summons lighting bolts to the entities you hit.
  • Divinity Netherite Ingot, required to craft a Piglin Divinity Staff this new item can be crafted with a Netherite Ingot and with Piglin Divinity Essence
  • With the Divinity Netherite you can make a new armor, using a smithing table (Netherite Piece + Divinity Netherite Ingot = Divinity Netherite Piece)
  • This mod also introduces new blocks to decorate, this blocks come from Minecraft Dungeons 


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This mod was made with Mcreator