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Photoptics Binocular View


Photoptics is a highly-WIP mod which adds Optical Instruments to minecraft, like telescopes.

Currently, it is in early Prototype stage. Many features will be replaced/added/changed as mentioned in planned features.


 Binoculars and Telescopes

This mod adds binoculars and handheld telescopes.


Basic binoculars and telescopes are literally basic.

They can be used using right click, and zoom in/out by pressing +/- key.

(Find out the recipe yourself, they are made out of iron and glass) 

Golden / Diamond (red/green/blue) binoculars and telescopes allows more enhanced view.

- Each of them have special colors.

- They uses recipes with gold / diamond ingots and blocks, and red/lime/light blue stained glass (pane).

Ultimate binoculars and telescopes are literally the ultimate in current version.

- It has unbelievable magnification & light gathering power, to brighten up your view.

- Quite expensive, as one will need as ender pearl/eye and enchanting table as ingredients.


Observation Reward System

Stellar Sky is recommended(actually, nearly needed) for Observation Reward System.

- Observation on certain celestial objects using handheld telescope will give you certain reward.

    - Pressing F key (Shift+X key on 1.9.4) (by default) while directly looking at the object does this.

- The rewards are configurable, one can edit the list of object & reward commands match to modify the rewards!

Configuration & Commands

- You can configure rewards Repeatable with Wait Duration, or Limit the observation by number (e.g. Like only available for 3 times)

    using '/observe setlimit', '/observe resetcount', '/observe setwait' commands. Just try setting them in reward commands

   - '/observe setlimit' sets the limit number of observation for the player and object.

   - '/observe resetcont' resets the observation count for the player. This allows inifinitely repetitive observation take place.

   - /observe setwait' sets the wait duration time before next observation. The time can be specified with unit 'd', 's', 't' where each means day, second, tick.


- Reward commands may have these alternative parameters:

   - @p : the observing player

   - @o : the ID of the celestial object being observed

   - @x, @y, @z : the x, y, z coordinate of the player


Dependencies and Companions

This mod needs Stellar API as dependency.

It is recommended to have Stellar Sky mod for observation features.

(+ Please let me know if there is great companions which will work great with Photoptics)



Using basic binoculars:
Using Basic Binoculars

Combination with Stellar Sky:

Combination with Stellar Sky




Planned Features (After rewriting Stellar API)

- Portable telescopes(Telescopes which can be installed on a tripod) will be added in a few weeks.

- Also telescope structure in dome will be added.

- Modular binoculars and telescopes.

   - The performance of the optical instrument will be based on used materials, the  structure, and level on lens/mirror making.

   - The model will be different via the used materials and research on the specific materials.

- Lens/Mirror making process, and level of the player on the technology.

- Power system based on light will be added. Various wavelengths will be used to analyze information from the sky, and it will be able to be used as power source.


- There will be several ways to Observe and Analyze celestial objects. This research not only improve the player abilities, but also take the interests from the external principles and might get several effects from them.
- Visible stars/stellar objects will give effect on player after it's examined. (magnitude of effect will be dependent to the type of objects the player examined)

- There will also be microscopes to inspect blocks/items, which will allow players to make better equipments.


- Setting focus will be added far later, since minecraft has nearly no support from those visual effects. (in particular, Shaders)