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Photon is a VFX (visal effect) editor mod developed for minecraft which is inspired by unity.

It includes unity's particle system and the trailing system. Can help modders create effects for their contents, and players can also enjoy effects by command.

Its original intention is to let players who love vfx, not be confused by technical skill and math problems. Its creativity allows you to make various dream scenarios!!


Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sDdf2yD9bh

Github: https://github.com/Low-Drag-MC/Photon

Video: https://youtu.be/rdB0qVXRgaY


There will be video tutorials in details in the future.


There will be a detailed video tutorial.


Examples in my video can be found here


Compatible with Iris and Oculus after 1.0.2.




Particle System as Unity



Trail Effect



Custom Shader material



Builtin bloom effect (No need shader mod)



Particle Shape from Mesh



Physics System



Shader Mod Support