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From 1.20.1 onwards, requires Sinytra Connector to run on Forge. Curseforge doesn't let me add it as a dependency for only one version



Come on, explorer. Follow me as I guide you through the End. This dimension has recently been subject to a lot of changes, and now this lush yet weird and perilous world is all yours to explore.

See this strange looking forest? We call it the Dreaming Den. Silently watched over by the Fallen Stars of the End sky, grow Vivid Nihilium and Pream Trees. They have yellow wood, and their fruits, Pream Berries, are an amazing food source for the lost adventurer.You'll also quickly encounter Putacs. These small purple mushrooms can't be eaten raw, but a Brochette made with them makes a snack that doubles as a weapon.

They truly thrive in the empty expanses between the islands though: here grow gigantic Putac mushrooms, whose cap is so bouncy it can help you cross these gaps by jumping on them. Their thick stem also yields a dark purple wood called Ebony.


Keep going! We're approaching a sub biome: the Crystal Crags. These glowing spikes you see poking from the ground are Crystals, stalagmites made from the light of the Fallen Stars. They're used to make glowing decoration blocks known as Crystiles.
But wait, that's not all! Do you see that fancy flying crystal chunk? It's called a Crystie! This new friendly mob can be fed Crystalilies, a new glowing flower, to heal you. Be cautious though! If you annoy it, it will try to crash onto you and explode. Hey, they're living End Crystals after all.


Let's continue this tour by venturing into the Underisland. The bottom of the End isles have been corrupted by their proximity with the void, and a moss like material known as Oblivion grows all over the place. It hurts when touched, but also have safe Oblivines growing from it which you can climb to wander around. Some of them also have a big flower at their tip which makes up for a safety landing platform.

Why going down here may you ask? Because of two things: Firstly, Oblifruits grow from Oblivines. They're a really nutrient food source, but eating too much is dangerous for your life: be sure to brew Crystalilies into Purity Brews to keep yourself safe. 
Secondly, Crystals appear here too: you can gather more to build, but there are some which are corrupted: Void Crystals can be used alongside regular ones to make Crystalline Tools. These extrememely magic potent gears automatically enchant themselves when you're at a sufficiently high level. If you have too much of these purple crystals, you can also make the same decoration blocks basic ones have.



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Purple & Violet



Descritpion made with love by Ddx11

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