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This mod is made for people like me, who don't have a lot of people to play with, and feel like the world can be empty sometimes. 

Petbuddy will follow you around everywhere you go ! 

He can hold your items and he can fight with you ! 

You can nurse him back to health if he's hurt by feeding him.


Welcome, to the Pet Buddies Mod !

Start exploring by clicking one of the links below !


[in 2.0] : would you wish to not have your pet near you for a while, you can stow him, (or summon him back) when using 'P' on your keyboard !


 1.16.5 update

1.16.5 rewrite is on is here !. 

The mod will be rewritten from scratch.

The gui has been updated to accommodate a slot for the chest. 

In the first few releases, forms other then skin changes will not be available. 

I'll be using baby steps to update this mod over time so everything is done correctly. 

As always I'll be counting on you guys for suggestions and reporting any issues so we can remake this mod better then before !




All necessary info can be found on the official wiki.


Official Wiki


requires SubLib :



1.16.5 does not require sublib anymore