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 "The Framework" is a required dependency.


PeripheralsPlusOne is a fork of PeripheralsPlusPlus by austinv11.


Enjoy additional peripherals for Computercraft, ranging from analyzers to nano swarmz.



View the wiki for a list of full features and descriptions.

  • Dyn(amic Mount) Package Manager
  • Chat Box
  • Player Detector
  • Ore Dictionary
  • RF Turtle Charger
  • Navigational Turtle Upgrade
  • Barrel Turtle Upgrade
  • XP Turtle Upgrade
  • Butterfly, Bee, and Tree Analyzers
  • Advanced and Standard Turtle Teleporters
  • Environmental Scanner
  • Feeder Turtle Upgrade
  • Villager
  • Shearing Turtle Upgrade
  • Speaker
  • Antenna
  • Smart Helmet
  • Peripheral Container
  • Thirsty Turtles
  • ME Bridge
  • Gardening Turtles
  • Sign-Reading Turtles
  • Ridable Turtles
  • Turtles :)
  • Nanobots
  • Flinging Turtles
  • Time Sensor
  • JEI Plugin
  • Chunk Loader Turtles
  • Interactive Sorter
  • Player Interface
  • Resupply Station
  • Pocket Computer Motion Sensor
  • Pocket Computer Peripheral Container

Do you want to include a Lua script in PeripheralsPlusOne? Take a look at Dyn.



PeripheralsPlusOne is licensed under the GPLv2.

PeripheralsPlusOne's source code can be found here.

PeripheralsPlusPlus' source code can be found here.



austinv11 et al for the original PeripheralsPlusPlus

Dan200 et al for Computercraft


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