869,534 Downloads Last Updated: May 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This is a small,lightweight mod project which hugely improves TPS and blocklag.

Can be installed on either side, does not have to be on both. On client side it affects ssp performance and on serverside smp performance.


Added 1.15 version! 

Requires mixinbootstrap starting with version 2.0m.


Features: All are configurable and can be tweaked/enabled/disabled in the config.

  • Load Balancing for entity AI's
  • Load Balancing for Tileentity ticks
  • Load Balancing for Events
  • Hugely improved performance of entities overall
  • Items barly cause lag anymore
  • Lag reporting commands for locating lagging entities and tileentities
  • Improved pathfinding performance
  • Fixed inventory Advancement lag
  • Improves Chunk environment tick lag

  • and many more smaller ones you can find in the configs.



start recording laggers:

/performant startGatherData

Reports lagging entities and stops recording:

/performant reportEntities

Reports lagging tileentities and stops recording:

/performant reportTileEntities



Below is a short test, using forge tps. It was done by adding a lot of different entities to the world to simulate the amount servers have.


Results: 300% faster than vanilla


Note: The tests were done on 1.15, the 1.12 yields less increase as 1.12 vanilla is faster

1.12 is discontinued, 1.10 is the final version.

Average tick time for vanilla

Vanilla lag

Average tick time with the mod:

Mean tick time with mod


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