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*All versions of this mod past and including 1.1.0 require GeckoLib.

General Info

Perfect Plushies is a simple mod that adds multiple high-quality animal plushie variants into Minecraft, which can be used for any sort of decoration purposes. Decorate your bedroom, living room, garden, or quite literally anything with them, which is always sure to plaster a smile on your face! If you are using v1.9 or later, you can even wear all of them on your head to take the cuteness around with you! The mod also adds various collectable player plushies, and even some rare variants. Read their tooltip to find out who they are!

More Details

Each of these plushies cannot be crafted in the game. In survival, animal plushies are found in village chests, and player plushies can be found in treasure chests and shipwrecks around the world. These blocks don’t do nothing, however. Try right clicking them. The hidden easter eggs are bound to put a smile on your face :) This mod supports both Forge and Fabric and has respective file downloads for each!

What's planned for the future?

We plan to add a more well-rounded collection of plushies which you can obtain in survival, as well as various other perks and interactive features to the plushies!


Discord server: https://discord.gg/wM4CKTbFVN