Pendant of Life

10,390 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds a single item called "Pendant of Life". If you die while you have it in your inventory, your items will be with you when you respawn so you never have to enable keep inventory. The pendant itself will be consumed upon use.


*I will try my best to add compatibility with your favorite mods, but there is no guarantee. I hope you understand :) *


Please feel welcome to use this mod in your modpack! I would love it if you did!



- Keep inventory and experience upon death, consumes one Pendant

- Use with or without Baubles

- Thaumcraft integration!

- Configurable rarity. See config file for reference.

- Configurable Everlasting Pendant of Life (see below) which will never be consumed

- Optional recipes for the Pendant, and the Everlasting Pendant.

- Spawns rarely in dungeons, abandoned mineshafts and nether chests (enable or disable)


***This would be useful in an enhanced vanilla setting as well as your modpack with graves as it will take priority over the grave, saving you a trip back to your death location!***


New in version 1.4

 - Added the Everlasting Pendant of Life which will never be consumed upon death! This item's recipe (8 Pendants wrapped around a dragon egg) can be disabled via config option.

New in version 1.3

 - Added the ability for the Pendant to spawn in chests in dungeons, pyramids, etc. Enabled by default. (set to false in config to disable)

New in version 1.2

 - Added Baubles support! You can now place the pendant in the amulet slot, as well as it will retain your baubles when you die!

 - Made the pendant non-stackable


Pendant optional recipe:

Pendant optional recipe




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