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This mod is to be used with Team Abnormal's Neapolitan mod. It requires both Neapolitan and Abnormals Core. This mod can be used without any other Abnormals mod, as it only adds additional foods to mods that are loaded. JEI is recommended to see all of the mod's recipes, though most of them are similar to ones in Neapolitan.


Peculiars adds new foods for flavors added by Team Abnormals' mods. Currently, it only adds new foods that fit with Atmospheric (Yucca, Aloe, and Passionfruit). In the future, it'll add foods for mods like Upgrade Aquatic and Autumnity.


Atmospheric Foods

Yucca Fudge - Chocolate covered pieces of Yucca Fruit that give Persistence and Sugar Rush

Yucca Cake - Dark and lime greenish cake with a Yucca flower on top

Yucca Ice Cream - Vibrant bowl of ice cream that gives some powerful Persistence

Yucca Milkshake - Dazzling green shake that stores active effects, and gives them to the next mob that hits you


Aloe Jelly Slice - Small jelly-topped pastry garnished with a Yellow Blossom

Aloe Berry Smoothie - Health fanatic food that gives instant healing from the Strawberries and slow healing from the Gelled effect

Aloe Cake - Simple jelly-topped cake with 3 blossoms circling its center

Aloe Ice Cream - Deep forest green gelato that grants hefty regen and fire resistance

Aloe Milkshake - Lively looking milkshake that stores active effects, and gives them back to you when you're next attacked


(Passionfruit Tart now gives Spitting I for 5s, and Passionfruit Sorbet is now uncraftable)

Tropical Salad - Delicious mixed salad with Aloe Leaves, Passionfruit, and raw Yucca

Passionfruit Cake - Pavlova topped with pieces of Passionfruit and Passionfruit jelly

Passionfruit Ice Cream - Soft yellow ice cream that gives some insane spitting firepower

Passionfruit Milkshake - Tropical milkshake that stores active effects, and gives them to the next mob you hit