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If you want full-Breath-of-the-Wild-style paragliding action in Minecraft, this mod is for you. This mod adds...well, Paraglider, an item in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
The Paraglider can be crafted by using some leathers and sticks. While you're holding Paraglider midair, you fall more slowly, gliding over the land. Just like BotW.
This mod also adds BotW-style stamina system, starting from 1.15.2!


Deku Leaf's also here. You can't make wind from it, though. It's purely cosmetic.
Both BotW Paraglider and Deku Leaf are dyeable.


Also there's Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels which you can use it to expand your hearts and stamina wheel respectively. Obtaining these will involve talking to a peculiar statue of some foreign goddess. Keep an eye on when you visit a village.
There's also a rumor about the other type of statue with a pair of horns, and his suspicious bargains manipulating your life force in exchange for money. They say he can be found rarely in the village, or underground, or even nether.



  • Paragliders!
    • Paragliding!
    • Can be dyed.
    • Can ride ascending wind to gain height! Look out for rising particles while holding the Paraglider.
    • Works with fire and campfire by default. Don't try with lava. It doesn't work. I warned you.
    • Paragliding speed can be configured.
    • Durability of Paragliders can be configured. Unbreakable by default.
    • List of wind sources can be configured.
  • Deku Leaves!
    • From TWW!
    • Alternative cosmetic skin for Paraglider. Does not have any special functions.
    • Also dyeable, btw.
  • Stamina Wheels!
    • BotW stamina system. Resource used on Paragliding.
    • You may configure the system to make running and swimming also consumes stamina, if you like pain
    • You may completely disable it, too.
    • Highly configurable.
  • Vessels!
    • Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels.
    • Can be obtained from Goddess Statue, in exchange for Spirit Orbs. Also you can 'obtain' them with Horned Statue's bargains, I guess...
    • Spirit Orbs are found in most of the chests.
    • Breaking spawner gives Spirit Orbs, too.
    • If you are true gamer, though, Ender Dragon and Wither gives you full Heart Container.
    • Completing Raid is also rewarded with full Heart Container. Recommended if you're with your friends, since it gives one Heart Container for each participant.
    • Highly configurable.
  • Statues!
    • Theres two types of statues which you can interact - Goddess Statue and Horned Statue
    • Goddess Statue can be found in village, with unique <s>ugly ass</s> buildings for each village types.
      • But not in snowy villages. Fuck snow.
      • Jokes aside, If you are moderately talented in building and kind enough to make Goddess Statue structures for snow village, I will take it into the mod. If you would like to improve current structure in the mod (yeah, "improve" haha more like dump previous shit and rebuild from scratch 😛), I would take those too.
    • Horned Statue can be found in village, underground and nether.
      • Horned Statue doesn't spawn in Basalt Deltas and Crimson Forest.
    • By the way... Did I say there's 3 cosmetic skins you can choose for Goddess Statue? They are all based on Goddess Statues in BotW.


Config Options

Server: (Inside your goddamn world folder (please read this up before asking))

  • ascendingWinds [Default: true]
    Fire will float you upward.
  • windSources [Default: "fire", "campfire#lit=true", "soul_campfire#lit=true"]
    You can customize which block produces wind.
    Write each blockstate to one of this format:
     [block ID] (Matches all state of the block)
     [block ID]#[property1=value],[property2=value],[property3=value] (Matches state of the block that has specified properties)
    Same property cannot be specified multiple times. Wind sources with any invalid part will be excluded.
  • paraglidingSpeed [Default: 1, Range: 0.2 ~ 10]
    Horizontal movement speed while paragliding. Speed of 2 will make you move twice as fast, 3 will make you three times as fast, and so on.
  • paragliderDurability [Default: 0, Range: ≥0]
    Durability of Paragliders. Set to zero to disable durability.
  • paragliderInTowersOfTheWild [Default: DEFAULT]
    Configurable option for Towers of the Wild compat feature. Can be ignored if Towers of the Wild is not installed.
    DEFAULT: Default option, spawn Deku Leaf in ocean tower chests and Paraglider in normal tower chests
    DISABLE: Don't spawn anything
    PARAGLIDER_ONLY: Spawn paraglider in both ocean and normal tower chests
    DEKU_LEAF_ONLY: Spawn deku leaf in both ocean and normal tower chests, like a boss
  • [spiritOrbs]
    • raidGivesVessel [Default: true]
      If true, Raids will give heart container(stamina vessel if heart container is disabled) upon victory.
    • enderDragonDropsVessel [Default: true]
      If true, Ender Dragon will drop heart container(stamina vessel if heart container is disabled) upon death.
  • [vessels]
    • startingHearts [Default: 10, Range: 1 ~ 512]
      Starting health points.
    • maxHeartContainers [Default: 20, Range: 0 ~ 512]
      Maximum amount of Heart Containers one player can consume.
      Do note that the maximum health point is capped at 1024 (512 hearts).
    • maxStamina [Default: 3000, Range: ≥0]
      Maximum amount of stamina Player can get. Do note that one third of this value is equal to one stamina wheel.
    • startingStamina [Default: 1000, Range: ≥0]
      Amount of stamina Player starts with. Values higher than maxStamina doesn't work.
      If you want to make this value displayed as exactly one stamina wheel, you have to make this value one third of maxStamina.
    • maxStaminaVessels [Default: 10, Range: ≥0]
      Stamina Vessels players need to obtain max out stamina. More vessels means lesser stamina increase per vessel.
  • [stamina]
    • paraglidingConsumesStamina [Default: true]
      Paragliding will consume stamina.
    • runningAndSwimmingConsumesStamina [Default: false]
      Actions other than paragliding will consume stamina.
    • [stamina.consumptions]
      Below are stamina consumption values for every state player can be.
      All the names are confusingly written, such that positive consumption is actually adding stamina and negative consumption is consuming stamina. Sorry for that :/
      • underwaterStaminaConsumption [Default: 3]
      • ridingStaminaConsumption [Default: 20]
      • paraglidingStaminaConsumption [Default: -3]
      • runningStaminaConsumption [Default: -10]
      • midairStaminaConsumption [Default: 0]
      • breathingUnderwaterStaminaConsumption [Default: 10]
      • swimmingStaminaConsumption [Default: -6]
      • ascendingStaminaConsumption [Default: -3]
      • idleStaminaConsumption [Default: 20]


  • [features]
    Easy to access switches to toggle newer features on and off.
    Most of them requires server restart or datapack reload. All of them, actually.
    • heartContainers [Default: true]
      For those who wants to remove entirety of Heart Containers from the game, more specifically...
      • Heart Containers obtained by "challenges" (i.e. Killing dragon, wither, raid)
      • Bargains using Heart Containers (custom recipes won't be affected)
      Note that if this option is disabled while staminaVessels is enabled, "challenges" will drop stamina vessels instead.
    • structures [Default: true]
      For those who wants to remove all structures added by this mod. Requires restart.
    • spiritOrbGens [Default: true]
      For those who wants to remove entirety of Spirit Orbs generated from chests, more specifically...
      • Spirit Orbs generated in various chests
      • Spirit Orbs dropped by spawners and such
      Note that bargain recipe for Heart Containers/Stamina Vessels will persist, even if this option is disabled.
    • staminaVessels [Default: true]
      For those who wants to remove entirety of Stamina Vessels from the game, more specifically...
      • Bargains using Stamina Vessels (custom recipes won't be affected)