Paradise Lost

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Filename aether-1.16.5-1.0.3.jar
Uploaded by 24Chrome
Uploaded Apr 21, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 12.26 MB
Downloads 29,283
MD5 2c4040a08974b823709b43c6dd666dd9
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- Servers should be fully functional
- Removed Geckolib in favor of normal java-based armor models
- Holystone now drops a cobbled variant that can be used to make tools and in recipes that use cobblestone, instead of regular holystone

- World gen has been completely revamped:
- 2 new biomes, the Wisteria Woods and Highlands Thicket, as well as changes to the existing 2 biomes
- Clouds are rounder and less uniform
- Crystal trees generate on little islands occasionally, and can grow white apples over time
- Ore generation has been changed
- 5 flower types generate in several biomes
- Golden oak trees generate with more square foliage
- Wisteria trees are much larger
- Holystone boulders generate in some biomes
- Noise settings have been changed to make the islands a bit more round and shapely

- Gravitite properly levitate blocks, but perform their intended right click action first, if applicable (will strip a log before floating it)
- Moas have a basic implementation, expect bugs and unfinished features
- Item groups were merged to take up fewer creative tabs
- Some blocks that did not break at proper speeds with tools now work properly (quicksoil and aether dirt/grass notably)
- Many textures have been reworked
- Several crashes related to missing assets and server issues have been resolved
- And probably more...


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