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Pane In The Glass


Pane In The Glass (PITG) is a small mod that provides glass panes aligned with the edge of blocks. Since vanilla glass panes are aligned with the center of blocks, they are not compatible with doors and may not meet the aesthetic needs of builders.

PITG glass panes come in three varieties: Single, Dual, and Horizontal. Each of the pane varieties have in-world styles based on how they are placed. For Single and Dual panes, looking at the edge of a block (not the corners), straight panes will be placed. If you target the corners of a block, the corner style is placed. The Glazing Tool can be used to rotate panes to their alternate styles. Horizontal panes, like Minecraft slabs, have an upper and lower style. Again, the Glazing Tool can be used to swap between these.

Single Glass Panes

Single Glass Panes

Dual Glass Panes

Dual Glass Panes

Horizontal Glass Panes

Horizontal Glass Panes



All three pane varieties come in clear and 36 colors from three families. The standard stained glass panes have the distinctive Minecraft glass pane texture, Plain have the same color without any edge detail, and Tinted with only a hint of color.

Glass Pane Color Samples




Single and Dual panes can be waterlogged. Unlike vanilla glass panes, there is no air space between the water and panes, eliminating the problem with fish getting stuck in the void zone.

Waterlogging stained glass panes


Glazing Tool

The Glazing Tool has three possible modes: Rotate, Unbreakable, and Break. Unbreakable and Break are disabled in the config by default. Unbreakable allows you to make PITG glass panes be unbreakable (bedrock hardness) for pack and map creators. Break allows you to sneak-use (SHIFT-Right Click by default) to break PITG glass panes as if the Glazing Tool had the Silk Touch enchantment. To change modes, use the Glazing Tool while not targeting a block. The Glazing Tool will change shape or show an enchantment effect based on the current mode and the tool tip for the tool will show the mode.

Normal ModeBreak ModeSilk Touch Mode



Glass Pane Table

While it is possible to transform glass panes between styles in the crafting grid, it can be a bit tedious. The Glass Pane Table allows direct transformation between compatible class panes. While in your hand, PITG glass panes will show their variant with a 1 or 2 letter code in the upper left corner: S for single, D for dual, and H for horizontal with P for plain, T for tinted and no second letter for stained.

Glass Pane TableGlass Pane Table


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Version History


Fixed bug  there breaking the Glass Pane Table didn't drop the block



Update to 1.19

Cleaned up a lot of stale code and optimized asset auto generation



Port to 1.18 (no other functional changes)


1.17.1-2.0.1 and 1.16.5-2.0.1

Fixed a small recipe issue and ported to 1.17.1


1.16.5-2.0.0  (valid for MC version 1.16.5)

Added 2 new color families, Horizontal panes and the Glass Pane Table

Added recipes to smelt colored glass back to clear in the Blast Furnace

The Glazing Tool no longer uses green dye so the custom dye recipe and associated tag have been removed. The dye is still present with a new recipe to convert it to Minecraft green dye so any players with the custom dye are not left short handed. The custom dye item and recipe will be removed in future versions.

Technical Details:

Updated the source to use Minecraft mappings and added more recipes and models to the data generation code.


1.16.3-1.4.2 (valid for MC versions 1.16.3 through 1.16.5)

Maintenance update - no reason to upgrade from 1.4.1


Fixed two dedicated server issues


Release for 1.16.3 (includes all updates from 1.15.2)



Change rendering layer for clear glass panes so rain particles are visible (same as vanilla)


Add modes to the Glazing Tool and allow Glass Panes to be marked as unbreakable


Adds dual pane back to edge aligned pane recipes


Resolved a recipe collision that was preventing crafting glass panes from vanilla glass blocks


Added Dual Panes

Fixed Glazing Tool to work with all pane types

Fixed item textures to be consistent for all pane colors

Added reverse crafting recipes (PITG panes back to vanilla)


Added Glazing Tool

Known Issues:

Glazing Tool only works on clear panes

Clear pane uses development mode item texture


Initial Release


 Known Compatibility Issues:

There is an issue with PITG and Building Gadgets that stops the panes to be placed with valid configuration. See https://github.com/MongoTheElder/PITG/issues/19 for more information.