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About Pandoras Creatures
Pandoras Creatures adds a bunch of new mobs to the game. At the moment the amount of mobs present is still small, but there are many to come. There are many mobs planed! If you plan on trying this Mod I would recommend you approach my mobs with caution until you know more about them, as not all of them are very nice to the Player. My goal is to have a  huge amount of mobs, so when you play with my Mod there are a lots of mobs that you can watch fight and tame, also I want you to get this one special feeling we all had back when we started this game. 

For Minecraft Forge 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.3, 1.16.4, 1.16.5


The Arachnon Idle and Walk animation


More Pictures/Gifs:

Hellhound attack animation (slow motion)

Seahorse idle animation

Acidic Archvine idle animation

Bufflon animations


Game Play Impact

By installing this mod you bring a whole new challenge to the game, as this mod adds a lot of dangerous but also some friendly Creatures. I would recommend having a fair share of experience on how to play the game before even trying to play hardcore with this Mod, as its very likely that you would be overwhelmed by some of the Creatures. But if you decide to try the mod regardless of the challenge, or you simply don't play it while on a hardcore world, this mod will reward you with the feeling of exploring new Creatures, of which some come in variations, and all have a Models and Animations that where created with a lot of effort and love. Other then that there will and are Items that will help you survive in this dangerous and chipping new world you obtain.



- There are many small Items not wort mentioning, as they have no great impact on game play (Such as food Items / Mob Drops), but here I will list the special ones:
- The Arachnon Hammer, is a tool obtained by killing Arachnons, the hammer has will break a 3x3 block area making it a great mining tool.


- The Bucket of Crab, is an Item obtained by right clicking on a crab with a Bucket of Water, just like in vanilla minecraft this will pick up the Mob and store it until you release it again.

- The Herb Bundle, is an Item that can be obtained through crafting. It is used to tame the Bufflon Entity and to heal it if its bellow its maximum health amount.
The 3 new plants spawn in the following biomes: Mountains, Plains, Swamps
- The Bufflon Saddles, they can be obtained throw exploration by finding them inside chests, or through trading with a high level leather works man Villager.



 Mobs that exist in Overworld:

- The Arachnon, it looks like you mixed a Golem and a Spider. The Arachnon will spawn during night in Plains and Mountain biomes. Caution is recommended as the Arachnon is a pretty strong monster and could even be considered a mini-boss.

- The Crab, it is a peaceful creature that will spawn on Beaches and in Warm Oceans. By killing the crab you can obtain crab meat that can be consumed to regain hunger. Some special features the crab has are, that it will dance when near a jukebox (like parrots), and there is a small Easter Egg if you name it with a certain name.

- The Seahorse, it will spawn in Warm Lukewarm and normal Oceans. It comes in 10 different variants and also has one of 5 random sizes, so in total there are 55 different ones. They can be picked up with a water bucket, and after placing them again they wont despawn making them be great for decoration just like tropical fish. They will drop Raw Seahorse that can be cooked or consumed as it is.

- The Acidic Archvine, its a plant that can spawn in jungles and in the Nether. When the player walks under it, it grabs him with its tongue and drags him up to the plants position in order to digest him.

- The Bufflon, is a very big bull like creature, it spawns in cold and snowy biomes such as: Tundra, Snowy Mountains, Frozen River the Bufflon can be tamed using a herb bundle and used afterwards to carry multiple players or a huge amount of resources (depending on the attachment type). The current attachments include: A Saddle which is needed to control the Bufflon while riding it. Player Seats which can be attached to carry 2 additional player. A Small Storage which can be attached for s small storage and 1 additional player. And the final a Large Saddle which can be attached to gain the maximum amount of storage area. 


 Mobs that exist in Nether:

- The Hellhound, it is a hostile mob that will spawn all around the Nether. They are not very strong but what makes them dangerous is that they fight you with great numbers. An additional trait they have due to them being skeleton Nether creatures is that they come with complete fire immunity. In addition to that there is also a small chance that the hellhound is a wither hellhound, making him stronger and bigger.

- The Acidic Archvine, its a plant that can spawn in jungles and in the Nether. When the player walks under it, it grabs him with its tongue and drags him up to the plants position in order to digest him.


 Mobs that exist in The End:

- The End Troll, is a mysterious creature that was put into a prison in the End a long time ago... Defeating him means gaining pieces of his skin that can be used to craft the new End Troll Boxes. The prison structure can be found randomly in the end like the end cities.


Some Mob Creation Footage


Download Goals

  • 100 Downloads [x], Wow I'm speech less, we reached this Goal under 24 hours and before I even was able to make this list :D Thank you so much.
  • 500 Downloads [x], Thanks for all the positive feedback so far. I will make sure to work hard and release more content you can enjoy.
  • 1.000 Downloads [x], Whooo there we go 1k, this is the first milestone, and I want to thank everyone who helped me achieve it.
  • 10.000 Downloads [x], We did it we reached 10k :D And the Discord server has also been growing a lot lately thanks!
  • 25.000 Downloads [x], Thanks for all the support, the slow update rate lately isn't because I'm not interested in working on the mod, it is because of some bigger features I'm working on :D
  • 50.000 Downloads [x], Wooo we finally hit 50k and we did it right before a new update got released thanks to everyone who supported me so far!
  • 100.000 Downloads [x], We finally reached 100K this is a huge milestone, thanks to everyone who helped the mod get there.
  • 500.000 Downloads [x], And lastly we hit 500k wooo, it took a while for me to add this text because I wasnt sure if I wanted to do it or redo the entire page, but for now ill add this and say thanks to everyone!


Join our Discord Server

On our Discord Server you can talk with me and leave your own suggestions for the Mod. Other then that you will also be able to see what I am currently working on, and get aces to lots of Sneak Peeks, showing Content that hasn't been released yet. And on top of that, you can talk with other people who enjoy the mod, and share your experiences with them. (Click on the Image bellow to Join)




  • Feel free to use this mod in your Modpacks.
  • I'd really appreciate the mod being linked to, and or credit in your description.
  • Please do not re-host this mod on other mod sites, instead provide a link to download it.
  • If you plan on renaming the jar file, make sure to disable the invalid jar file check inside the client config of the mod.

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