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Pandora's Box



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When Prometheus stole the fire from heaven, Zeus swore vengeance and planned a horrible punishment. He made Hephaestus create a woman (the first woman on earth), and the gods gave her many gifts: She was made beautiful, given musical talent, speech, and was clothed. He presented her to Epimetheus (Prometheus's brother), who promptly fell in love and married her. Zeus, though, gave her the box as a wedding gift, and told her not to ever open it.


She couldn't overcome her curiosity, and thus the very first thing she did after the wedding was to open the box. The box contained all evil imaginable, and started releasing it, spreading it over the whole world. She hastened to close it, but alas, it was already too late: Almost all of it had already exited its former container. The world became unbearably bad for the humans, who had never known pain before. At last, though, they reopened the box, and thus released the one last thing trapped inside: Hope.


Some say the hope was Zeus taking pity on the humans and giving them the strength to go on. Others say hope is the worst of them all, for it makes one persevere through all the malady and pain without a second thought, even whilst no shred of release is in sight. Take from it whatever you might, but keep in mind: Do not open the box, for it may contain grief beyond your wildest imaginations. 


This mod adds a new Item: Pandora's Box. It is craftable, and spawns in dungeons, or you can just cheat it in if you want some... interesting times.

Pandora's Box also spawns in special structures (Optional, but requires Recurrent Complex to be installed, and is not currently present in 1.16.5, due to the lack of Recurrent Complex, and needing to completely rework them).



  • Granted Attribution (Link to this mod, and mention of the authors), you may use this mod in mod packs.
  • Back up your worlds when mass-spawning boxes. It really is dangerous.
  • For the full effect impact, don't set your difficulty to peaceful! 
  • The boxes are configurable, so check out the config to adjust the values to suit your play style.




Remember: Don't watch the videos if you want to be surprised. After all, that's the point, right?









Use /pandora to invoke any effect you like. Many effects also support having arguments, so try experimenting with numbers here.

You can also use it inside command blocks. Simple use "player=@p" to invoke it on the nearest player, for example.

For a list of the effects, type "/pandora effect= ", and then press tab (auto completion).




/pandora player=APlayerName(1.7-1.12)
/pandora APlayerName(1.16+)

Activates a random effect on the player. If none is given, it will target you.

/pandora effect=inTheEnd(1.7-1.12)
/pandora APlayerName pandorasbox:in_the_end(1.16+)

Will transform the land around you into the end

/pandora player=APlayerName effect=epicThing(1.7-1.12)
/pandora APlayerName pandorasbox:epic_thing(1.16+)

Will give the player enchanted, and possibly named items

/pandora effect=worldSnake invisible=true(1.7-1.12)
/pandora APlayerName pandorasbox:world_snake true(1.16+)

Will make a Snake made out of blocks run through the air. Also hides the spawned box completely.




Get a Bisect Hosting Server with 25% off using code atlasdev!