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Have you ever had an issue with a flight charm that stopped working as soon as you ran a /fly command ? Or a magic jetpack that made spectators sink through the ground ? Or a ghost mode that didn't let you fly for seemingly no reason ?

Mod incompatibilities with player abilities are way more common than we would like them to be, and are very difficult for mod developers to avoid. This library can be used by any Fabric mod that interacts with the PlayerAbilities class to avoid the aforementioned issues without difficulty.

credits to Chloe Dawn for some of the API design

Player information

Players should not have to download this library themselves, as it is intended to be embedded in distributed jar files.

If you find a mod that causes incompatibility related to player abilities (eg. flight), you can link the author (politely) to this API and ask if they could use it wherever they touch PlayerAbilities.

Developer information

Developers should use gradle to setup a dependency on this library. Instructions are given in the repository's README.

You can find a couple usage examples in the Test Mod.