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Important notice

Currently way to busy with life and studies, I have dropped modding for the foreseeable future.
I apologise profusely to all fans and users for all my mods and even more to those using paintings++, my most popular mod.
I'm passively looking for a replacing programmer that can upload new versions.
I dont know if I'll ever be able to pick up modding again, but I wish all the best to the community.
My apologies for all unanswered questions and the state the mods (and ppm) have been left in.
Wish you all the best, and hopefully I'll find someone to update the mod officially for you all to enjoy !

Game on!

Best Regards

ps: still sporadically available on Discord

Update : 31 of March 2024

I was able to integrate modding in my final work for university. Enjoy an updated Paintings++ as proof of me slowly getting my hands back on my favourite hobby!! I'm looking forward to working back together closely with the community



Forge : click here

Fabric : click here

dependencies can be found under the dependencies tab.

Supports CrossPlay !

Running a server with any modloader allows players with the opposite modloader to connect to the server !
DISCLAIMER : this applies only to paintings++. this mod does not magically add crossplay for any other mods.

Check out this tweet for a quick video !

Supports Transparency

  • these paintings are a presentation suggestion. the paintings in this image are not shipped with the mod

Supporting mod downloaded automatically when using the curseforge app ! If you're using no client at all, get it here.

Adding more paintings

check the tutorial on the wiki.

You can also use the Painting Pack Maker: a visual interface to make Painting Packs for minecraft versions 1.17 and up.
Visit the Project page of PPM here.
Download available on the project page above.

Painting Resource Packs

Have you made a pack ? Want to share it with the world ? Post a resourcepack on curseforge
You can always pm me, or put the link in the comments and I will feature your Pack on here !

Foreck's Rotten painting Pack

Made by Foreck The pack currently adds 106 paintings of all sorts, styles, and sizes, made using traditional pixel art techniques and references. They feature scenes and characters from the RotN lore or take inspiration from other sources and adapt those to the world of RotN. The artwork is all made by hand by Foreck.

Potion Guide Paintings

Made by rootbeerdrinker1 This pack adds a couple of paintings that map out a diagram guide for potion crafting !

Baroque Pack

Made by xDonnervogelx

Oliver Remund Painting Pack

Painting Pack made by Subaraki (myself) with an agreement of the artist Oliver Remund himself.

Check out Remund's website for the original art !

Leichenengel's Fractals painting pack

Check out Leichenengel's self made painting pack. The art is all made by him.
Pack Features over 70 paintings!

want your pack featured ? comment a link or pm me !

Questions ? Painting Pack issues ? Contact me on discord !!