Painting Selection Gui Revamped

99,197 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


The Painting Selection Gui (Revamped)


The Changes in PSG Revamped :

  • Gui Pop Up on placing a painting.
  • fixes placed paintings covering each other with gui.
  • (command line is still available)


The Painting Selection Gui works great with Paintings ++ !!

Paintings++ :


Since Update, PSG-Revamped is no longer available as a standalone mod.

The Mod is now part of Paintings++. if you're not interested in more paintings,

Do not worry, the Paintings++'s base template is the vanilla layout, with no extra

paintings !


Get Paintings++ To Enjoy PSG-Revamped


Paintings++ (tinypics) as shown here :




Credit to original mod author

PSG was a mod originally made by Davidee, and released on the minecraft forum



The mod is/was licensed under the GPL version 3, so all modifications and distributions are legal.



in regards to that > here is my updated source code :


The mod hasn't been updated since 1.7.2, and the author has been inactive on the minecraft forum since april 2016

(Last active Wed, Apr, 20 2016 17:50:25)


I took the liberty of updating this mod, revamping and fixing it, and redistributing it.


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