Overpowered Armor Bar

184,537 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Sorry! 0.2.0 requires you delete the mod's config file, as the contents have changed to better support in game config editing.


The vanilla armor bar doesn't accurately show "better than diamond" level armor, as it simply maxes out when its full. Your armor is just too overpowered!


This mod allows the armor bar to "wrap" around with different colored icons, so the amount of armor can accurately be displayed. The color of the armor icons can be configured with the in game mod config, or via the config file.


Other optional features:

  • Show the armor bar when the player is not wearing any armor
  • Hide empty armor icons

Known Issues

  • This mod is not compatible with mods that add additional health bars.


Vyraal1 for suggesting the idea on the bounty board