Everything in release builds that is craft-able should be safe to use. If anything breaks please report it on the Github issue system. There is a lot more coming but they will be behind a default false config setting until I believe they are stable (in crashing and changing of feature sense).

ModPack Devs - NOTICE

I currently only have vanilla mode recipes and for how powerful most of them items are I would suggest making them quite a bit more expensive.


This mod is designed to be an endgame mod that has very expensive and powerful blocks and items but are server performance friendly.

  • Configs for basically every balance value.
  • RF Gen in the Billions (Creative by default only, mostly used for testing everything)
  • Item/Fluid/RF Storage in the 2^(63-1) and Infinite Variety (technically 2^(2^32) on Java 8)
  • Cross dimensional Storage-Storage transport (for the Overloaded Containers Only)
  • Armor: For RF will provide - Full Immunity, Auto Feed, Flight / Run Speed, No Clip, and more
  • Weapons: High Damage Rail Gun and a Lighting Summoner
  • Multi-Tool: Breaks blocks instantly at up to 128 blocks away. Can also place at same distance and multiple at a time

For more information / descriptions see the wiki.


Lots of plans that are detailed in the Github page. Ex: A large multiblock Fusion Reactor, plan to have hooks into other mods like Botania to add more efficient mana generation and storage.


All resources are on Github. Please post issues there.

1.14.x Changes

  • Compressed Blocks have moved to their own mod -> Overloaded Compressed Blocks
  • Alpha: are considered highly unstable. Crash bugs will be fixed quickly but gameplay ones will be slow.
  • Betas: shouldn't break worlds and will be mostly forward compatible
  • Release: any crash bugs will be fixed ASAP, Should always be forward compatible unless impossible to carry over.