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Did you hear about Fortune X?

Requires Time Core


How to work with it? 

Just right-click with an enchanted tool on overchanter.

But... there are some difficulties (Do really think that I'll give you a super-cheat item? No way):

  • If you don't increase EVERY enchantment of your tool to its maximum level, you'll be noticed about it, and the tool won't be overchanted.
  • Also you'll see that it needs some experience levels to overchant item. And every enchantment level will increase the costs.
  • Aaaand! When you prepare all of this stuff, you may try to overchant it! You'll get from 1 to 3 extra levels. Or you may get a bad luck and get nothing.

P.S. It will increase the enchantment with the lowest level.



You can use this mod in your modpack.
You are not allowed to re-publish this mod to other sites if it doesn't provide CurseForge download link and only it, and without my permission (just PM me).
You are not allowed to include Overchanter or a part of it directly in your mod.