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Outvoted adds in mobs from previous Minecraft Live mob votes that weren't able to make it into the game, trying to stay true to the original vanilla concepts.

This mod is currently has three mostly functioning mobs, the Inferno, the Hunger, and the Kraken, all from the 2017 Minecraft Live Mob Vote!


This info is pretty outdated, if you need a wiki I'd recommend using Patchouli


Hovering Inferno

Mob D/Hovering Inferno

  • Blaze-like mob with lots of health and armor
  • Has a fireball wave attack that scales in difficulty based on health
  • Can put up shields to become invulnerable for a brief period of time
  • Chance of spawning alongside normal blazes in Nether fortresses and randomly in the Nether.
  • Drops: 1-3 Blaze Rods, small chance of dropping an Inferno Helmet, and a chance of dropping a Shattered Blaze Piece (more information on Wiki)

Great Hunger

  • Unique mob which can burrow into the ground and can deal a lot of damage
  • Akin to a bear trap when burrowed and has unique enchanting powers (see Wiki)
  • Spawns in Desert and swamp biomes with sand and dirt texture variants
  • Drops: Void Heart + Bottle O' Enchanting

Monster of the Ocean Depths (Kraken)

  • Ocean monster that scouts the deep oceans
  • Chases players in the water or in boats
  • Pulls players underwater and speeds up drowning
  • Spawns in the ocean
  • Drops: Kraken Tooth


Inferno Shield

The Inferno Shield will light attacking mobs on fire when their hits are blocked.


Inferno Helm

  • The inferno helm is a rare drop from Infernos
  • They provide some protection against fire damage.

    Void Heart
  • The void heart is a rare drop from the Great Hunger
  • Resets enchanting cost to prevent "Too Expensive!" message on anvils


    For more information on mod features feel free to visit our wiki!




NoCube (Russian)

Planned Features

Mobs/biomes from other votes

2.0 Release

  • Desert + Meerkat
  • Savannah + Ostrich

    3.0 Release (?)
  • Badlands + Vulture
  • Swamp + Frog

    4.0 Release (?)
  • Moobloom
  • Iceologer

All planned features are WIP and are subject to change.

Check out our Trello Board to follow our progress!


  • Back-port? - Only 1.16.5 and up will be supported!
  • Please add xyz mob! - This mod is focused only on the community votes over the years, and will start from earliest to latest
  • I have a bug report! - Report to our Github Issues page!
  • Where can I put my feature ideas/talk about this mod? - Comment below, open a new thread on our Github Issues page, or join our discord!!
  • I can't find the correct file for my version! - Check out our files tab! We only support 1.15.2, and 1.16.5.
  • Can I put this in my modpack? - Yes! Feel free to do so!


If you ever wanted to support me with a small donation, I've opened up a Ko-fi to do that! I put a lot of effort into this mod alongside me being a full-time student, so it's stressful work.

You are not obligated to donate and this mod will always be free! :)